Which Congressmen will receive your vote this year?

Uncompromising extremists have always served an important purpose in our country. Their passion brings potential ‘wrongs’ to the awareness of society. They rally our citizens to discuss ad nauseam how our society’s actions impact their own and others’ lives. Their drive pushes our leaders through choppy waters by offering new alternatives to traditional means.

However, uncompromising extremists cannot successfully lead this country of very diverse beliefs and opinions.  When a majority of our political leaders fall into extremist categories, this big boat of a country simply gets pushed and pulled back and forth, remaining in stagnant waters. In order to move forward……or in any direction, a majority of our leaders must be willing to give and take or, at least, be willing to compromise somewhat from their favorite extreme positions. This type of conciliatory leadership results in very slow progress, but at least the country can move in acceptable directions.

Even the most logical and rational of us may lean toward extremes when we are stressed or fearful. During those times we need a team of leaders, who are able to calm us and guide us……not just the few of us who see eye to eye with those leaders…..but, the majority of us.

So, this election year as we all vote for our Senators, and Representatives during this stressful period, rather than vote for the leaders who sound exactly like we do when discussing politics or religion with our buddies, please consider voting for those leaders who have a history of striking a balance, who are able to listen respectfully to those with radically different ideas, who exhibit a talent for reconciling opposing perspectives in a conciliatory manner. Hold on to your idealistic hopes of what our country should be or may become and keep pushing toward those goals. However, realize that we are a country committed to providing an environment in which all of us can live the way we choose even though we all may choose to live radically different from each other. In order to accomplish this commitment, we cannot vote in our favorite extremists and hope they can beat down ‘the opposition’.  It simply doesn’t work that way in our country. Extremists can’t accomplish the extremes they promise. The best they can do is hold fast and keep change (good or bad) from occurring.


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Me is actually 'we'. We are a married couple, life partners and share all responsibilities on and off line. We like to learn new things, have new experiences, see new places, and meet new people.
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