Dear 201 Sati haru,

It’s been less than three months since we were last all together, a matter of a few weeks. But, the beginnings of transformation are evident. Body movements are more relaxed.  The physiques are leaner. New scars haphazardly dot and stitch the skin, from tattoos and piercings to unintentional wounds. Seasoned eyes give preview to the breathtaking, horrifying and culturally eye opening experiences our souls have stored in knowledge banks for later processing.

We’ve shared the excitement of Peace Corps staging, the exhaustion of traveling half way around the globe in a few hours, the hellish stress of Pre-service training, and the understanding of isolation at permanent site, all in a fast-spinning five month timeframe. Welcome to In-service training, my friends. We’ve missed you. It has been such a long journey. And the thirty of us have so much further to go before…

we rest.


About stewickie

Me is actually 'we'. We are a married couple, life partners and share all responsibilities on and off line. We like to learn new things, have new experiences, see new places, and meet new people.
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