Staring at things seems to help. Kinda… during this last week in country.

We stare at people and cars and planes. We stare at cats. We stare at kids. We stare a lot at kids (they offer entertainment and expect little). In between staring, we are attentive to items that are on “The List”. It gets shorter and shorter, which makes us feel accomplished. Then it suddenly gets longer and a panic attack nears.

Then we stare…

Different people have different reactions to stress. Some folks like to go out and party hard, working it out physically with others. Vee and I like to find a dark room to read or watch a movie alone1. But, here at the beginning of our new journey, we have a great many goodbyes that must be said as we leave our old journey behind.

So then… do you see the pull? We would rather be alone, but we’d rather be with everyone. Our core introvert natures are getting over-ruled by our limited time social needs. It seems like the only thought process we can think about and the only conversation subject we speak of is “The List” and Nepal. Both of which are interesting (at least to us), but we’re starting to worry that we’re not really conversing with people. We are just talking at our friends and family, and when we aren’t talking at them, we’re just staring at them. Our heads are in two places.

Did I just say something? Did I have a point, or am I just spitting out random facts?

“Look at that cute Kid. Ha, ha! Wait… what did you say?”

“I think so, Brain, but isn’t that why they invented tube socks?” 2

We’ve one more social day on our calendar, and then we’re slamming doors and shutting the factory down. We will miss everyone, and the opportunity to see folks a lot, but we are going to need a bit more sanity to make our plane on time.

Do we have enough batteries? Did I pack my Kindle cord? Was I just thinking about something? I think it was important? *stare*

1 Alone in this case means with each other.

2 Pinky and the Brain reference.


About stewickie

Me is actually 'we'. We are a married couple, life partners and share all responsibilities on and off line. We like to learn new things, have new experiences, see new places, and meet new people.
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