From the Mountains to the Prairies to the Oceans…..

Patriotic Edgar





You know when you are dancing and suddenly realize you have been looking at your feet through the whole dance?
This is the way our world has been spinning recently … through those days and nights and the rises and sets of the sun that fall between. Each spin has flung a few more material things off into nooks and crannies of loved ones, or off into the wilds of the whirring world. Each step is deliberate, weighted with consideration, timed with the partner, and paced to the beat of the world around. But, through it all, is an unsettling lack of awareness of the ‘dance floor’ as we ‘stare at our feet’ in disbelief.

Sun-up at Willow’s Court Apartments

Our leap into homelessness turned out well. We spent the last night packing and moving until sun-up, taking this last picture from the apartment before dragging the last load to the kids and grabbing a short nap on their couch. The next few days we spent sorting through all kinds of stuff. It was very difficult to look at an item and decide if it should go into the small ‘Nepal’ pile, the small ‘storage’ pile, or the huge ‘sale’ pile. The items hopped from one pile to the other…..and some…back again, often ending with yet another disgusted toss in the “Sale” area. Unfortunately, we ran out of sorting time before we ran out of stuff to sort last week. So, when we return to Seattle from our current travels, there is more purging and repacking to do…the goal to make our two-year footprint smaller. (Right now it’s more an overweight “leg-print”)

Gus and HarLee have moved in with some fantastic ladies in Salem, Oregon and seem to be doing well. We’re very happy to have such a safe welcome home for them and feel lucky their foster parents send a daily feline adjustment report. We’ve left Des with the Seattle family, and will be returning to check in with him soon. We hope he is behaving himself.

Our current travel began last Sunday morning when we left Seattle for the Meeting of the Moms (Denver Mom and Nashville Mom). The first leg of the trip from Seattle toDenver was overall uneventful, although we were able to see interesting scenery and one cute antelope along the way:

Once we arrived in Denver late Monday night, we collapsed at Stew’s Mom’s house, stirring long enough to read an incoming e-mail alerting us that our Nepal Peace Corps group would Stage in Chicago. We also managed to spend a few hours on some intense brother, sister-in-law, nephews, and niece quality time.

Wednesday morning, we took to the road again, this time with Stew’s Mom at the wheel. Stew’s Mom is a driver, enjoying long cruises across the country, so we were happy to have her solid help with the helm, as well as the wonderful companionship she offered. This portion of the trip was much more difficult. We hit a number of storms and road construction that made driving difficult and dangerous. Luckily, we escaped unscathed. During this Prairie leg of the trip, we passed through St. Louis, where Vee spent her grade school years, as well as Southern Illinois, where she graduated from high school. Ahhhh….memories…

We arrived in Nashville late Thursday night, and Friday morning the Moms got to meet, thus, a successful trip. Now we’re chillaxing in the beautiful state of Tennessee, watching feral cats slowly wander by the windows and enjoying the cool evening breeze……of the AC.

We will be here until early tomorrow morning before heading back West, stopping in Denver for a few more days of visiting, and then picking up the pace to get back to Seattle for our final approach, leaving for Staging on the 3rd, registering on the 4th, and shipping out to the toughest job we’ll ever love on the 5th.

The trip through the western portion of the country this time has been extra enjoyable. Knowing we will be away from our United States is making us appreciate our American cultures, our American environments and our Americanisms much more than usual.


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Me is actually 'we'. We are a married couple, life partners and share all responsibilities on and off line. We like to learn new things, have new experiences, see new places, and meet new people.
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