I’m from Jersey. Are you from Jersey?

I’ve never really met many people who have been to Nepal. Well, at least that was true before Stewart and I received notice that we were being sent to Nepal. Since we’ve received our Peace Corps assignment, people who have traveled to Nepal have been coming out of the woodwork to cross our paths. Seriously, last night alone at a party we attended, we met two different guys who have spent extended periods in Nepal. One was a student during the early 2000s, when he did research in Nepal (something to do with the gurkhas). I don’t remember how long he said he was there, but I do remember he said he was fucked up the first few months…because there was ‘some gooood shit’ over there. (uncertain what the shit was or what made it good….but, I smiled and nodded anyway) The second fellow was a member of the British military placed in Nepal. That was in 2003…..when the Maoists were beginning to up their game. (Wow! Did he have some interesting stories) Yep….now….everywhere we go, we hear, “Ah, Nepal….yes….I have fond memories of my time in Nepal.” I wonder if it is kinda like that weird car phenomenon…..you know the one….where after you buy a certain color/model of vehicle(which you’ve never noticed on the road before)….you start seeing that car everywhere.


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Me is actually 'we'. We are a married couple, life partners and share all responsibilities on and off line. We like to learn new things, have new experiences, see new places, and meet new people.
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