Living in Limbo….the busiest limbo evar


Transitions, even good transitions are difficult. You’re floating in that limbo between what was and what will be for a while…..your conscious and subconscious tripping over each other at odd moments.

The last few mornings, I’ve slowly eased into consciousness without an alarm, realizing that my unconscious self was hard at work…on some school project that’s finished, submitted and requires no further thought. “Let it go, already! My god, if you aren’t going to come up with some amazing intuitive brilliance to contribute toward the future, you could at least relax and think about lollipops and rainbows or some such shit.

Then the unknown future will hit me at strange times in peculiar ways, like when I’m reading the blog of one of my ‘University student Peace Corps’ compatriots, as she describes getting rid of everything she owns in anticipation of leaving the country next week…..and I realize I’m hyperventilating. “What the Hell? Get a grip! Pull yourself together!

Even the present is attacking me in this limbo land…..last night after giving the grandsons hugs and heading toward the car, my eyes started watering. “Oh fer Pete’s sake…..are ya gonna cry the rest of the summer? Man up! You got shit to get done!”

We do have a lot to do……and very little time for whining and moping and daydreaming. The list is long and everything falls under four headings:

1. To be done before our Nashville trip: Two weeks spent in Nashville with my Mom, during which Stew and I will also see my three brothers. All four of us live in different states, so it’s been…..I don’t know how long…..since we’ve all been in the same place at the same time.

2. To be done before our lease is up: Our apartment lease is up July 31st. Everything we plan on keeping must be accounted for at that time (all else will be gone). We will be homeless between that date and September 5th when we fly to ‘Peace Corps Staging’.

3. To be done before our coast to coast to coast trip: While we are homeless, we will be making the trek cross country to Boston and back. Our kittens will be living near Boston during the two years we are out of the country…..but, Peace Corps will be flying us out of Seattle in September. So, we will make a road trip to the East Coast and back to the West Coast in August……stopping along the way for photo ops of our favorite U.S. places…and favorite U.S. people (let us know if you’ve got time and would like us to stop by to see you, your location may be near our cross country path).

4. To be done before staging: Peace Corps staging happens on September 5th, 2014. That is the day we meet(at an undisclosed location) with the rest of our group heading to Nepal…get a few extra immunizations…fill out forms….and all board a plane to Asia. All ‘I’s must be dotted and all‘t’s crossed. School stuff… stuff….informational stuff….(all the stuff needed to be completed before we head into the wild blue yonder)

Yeah…zero hour is fast approaching. Tons to get done! Focus!



About stewickie

Me is actually 'we'. We are a married couple, life partners and share all responsibilities on and off line. We like to learn new things, have new experiences, see new places, and meet new people.
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