Where the twixt shall meet

Photographic evidence that we’ve been studying.

School crap

College resources

School has entered its final phase, and everyone is pushing themselves to maniacal distraction.  We’re on the Nyquil-Coffee diet, similar to others, but I’ve even heard a “Mountain Dew-Weed” mix going on.  Not my cuppa, but… whatever works for those in need.

Vee is up to her eyebrows in group projects, where this quarter I seem to be flying solo, which is a relief.  It has been interesting attending a few of her classes and one of her professor’s lectures, especially when most of them have a lot to do with my studies and interests.  I wish that I was able to attend more of the PCMI focused stuff earlier, but schedules conflicted.  Still, what a great last year to have.  Amazing classes and professors!  UW is a great school.  Compared with my previous colleges, UW is amazing.  Tell all your friends, etc.

Three more weeks!

from Vee…..this is photographic evidence of Stew’s studying.  My studying is stacked in much neater piles. It takes up half of the living room floor…but, its neater. No….I won’t post a picture. I do concur with Stew about UW.  Amazing professors and amazing classes.  Evans attempts to cram a bit too much in the brain at once, but wow….the stuff that’s getting crammed.  And the mixture of international development, global health, and policy analysis classes do offer some information that will probably come in handy while overseas. Current Peace Corps Masters International (PCMI) requirements have me focusing on doing all the necessary paper work to allow me to continue to be a UW student during our time in Nepal……and to allow me to do research on humans,  get my school loans deferred…..etc…tons o’ paperwork. Three more weeks?  Ugh!


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Me is actually 'we'. We are a married couple, life partners and share all responsibilities on and off line. We like to learn new things, have new experiences, see new places, and meet new people.
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